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mulberry bags Wedgwood its natural commodity prices is also very expensive. In China , the first by a representative of King George Macartney in 1793 to He Qianlong Emperor 's 80th birthday in the name of ambassador to China , and one presented wedgwood vase longevity gift as Emperor Qianlong , which is envoys , is precisely that to refuse to kowtow , just OK , George Earl ceremony down on one knee . Today wedgwood when their identity as honorable in his homeland , a group of more than million family porcelain inevitable , a group of coffee cup and saucer thousand dollars. It is worth mentioning that , wedgwood -founder Josiah Wedgwood 's grandson is a well-known author of the book The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin .

For the group's price strategy, Du Yanhong that cheap mulberry bags's business focus is mainly concentrated in Europe, but the European debt crisis, the prospects for the European economy and trade short term is uncertain, which will Mulberry development formed a certain limit. Further promote international, pioneering the Americas, Asia markets Mulberry is extremely necessary and important strategic initiatives. The key is to have this one for Asia, America needs a targeted customer base positioning and brand image. "In fact, the brand was to use price strategies to enhance the market value of the brand, and tried to enter the high-end area circle, but did not achieve the desired effect, because this area consumers still can not accept this brand, after all, it is with Hermes not a hierarchy. "Zhou Ting said the brand's price strategy for the maintenance of brand value can be effective in the short term, but it is not ideal for long-term development, such a strategy may even promote its suicide.

Although Bruno Guillon in the earnings report, said: "After three years made rapid development, this year we have strengthened the brand's foundation for the transition to become a global luxury brand Mulberry ready in the UK increased production capacity, improve the retail experience and increase product category, etc. In particular, we strive to respect. "But Zhou Ting opinion, mulberry bags sale need to open markets in the Asia Pacific, and open awareness. The Asia-Pacific market, the main contribution to the force are from China, the Asia-Pacific market will be the future of all luxury brands to the center, but the top priority is still China. If it can not pry Chinese market, then it is in addition to other Asian countries outside of China will be more unsatisfactory.

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